144,000 firstfuits

There are those who shall be possessed by God.


More revelation about the 144 000 firstfruits

This transformation must be accomplished first in a first-fruit company of sons and then it will be demonstrated and put on open display by God to all men everywhere, who, as beholding in a glass the glory of the Lord, will all be changed into that same image and likeness found in each son of God, fully expressing and manifesting the incorruptible nature of their Master and Lord.

This is the appearing of Christ in His saints, and is accomplished by reason of a fiery transformation that has worked an elemental, nuclear changed in the inner most being of each son.

By son, I mean to differentiate this chosen vessel of God from the servant realm, which is a realm of “whosoever will”, but the true sons are those that are apprehended by God, not asked and invited to participate in such a metamorphosis of character and nature, but these sons of destiny are actually harpooned and dragged to such an occasion! They have no other recourse!

Once the Lord has seized them, there is no turning back and to assure there is no chance of such a returning to where they have been snatched from, all of their former paths are burned up by the operation of the spirit of God. Doors that were wide open to them are slammed shut in their face.

Loved ones turn their back on these appointed messengers, their reputations are dragged through the mud, ministerial positions are revoked, the phone stops ringing, they are cut off from all former associations and they become isolated and confined, without friend or foe, left with only One Hope, to trust in only one True Friend, to hear only One True Voice, rely on only One Source, stand on only One Foundation, live for only One Cause, serve only One Master, Jesus Christ, the Author and the Finisher of their faith! Great Day of God Almighty!

For such a time and occasion have these sons been prepared from before the foundations of the earth and every one will lose their head and be found in Christ, lost and swallowed up into His wondrous Nature, Named with that Name, Anointed with that Anointing, called with that Calling.

The world has never seen such a company of sons that have laid their lives down and sworn allegiance to their King and Lord, the Captain of their salvation.

They can’t be bought and they can’t be schmoozed by the religious Whore of Babylon, her voice does not fall upon their ears, for their hearts are circumcised and their minds are renewed. This is the great Transformation that we are walking into today and I do pray for us all, that we will not fear this great experience, but that we may embrace it and cling to that Purpose that has called us from this world of care into such a private and intimate chamber of birth and renewal.

Extract from Metamorphosis Part 4
Bob Torango

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