1st trumpet

The 1st trumpet.


Many false prophets and false teachers have misled many people through their own interpretations of the Trumpets of the book of Revelation. It’s time to let the Holy Spirit speak.


“Is it not written, says the Lord, that ‘in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished?’ (Rev. 10:7).

And is not the seventh angel now preparing to sound his trumpet?

For I say unto you that five of the angels have already sound­ed their initial blasts and the sixth is about to sound; then shall the seventh follow shortly, for the time is hastening and the tempo of events is rapidly growing in momentum.

With reference to those trumpets which have already begun to sound, why do I say initial blasts? Because that which is the beginning or initial blast of each trumpet sets in motion that which is to unfold on the world scene as a result of its sounding. But that which is portrayed in the scriptures as taking place under the sounding of each trumpet, does not find its complete fulfillment until all of the trumpets have sounded.

The sound of each trumpet initiates events and for­ces which carry through the entire end-time period, so that when the second trumpet begins to blast, that which was un­leashed under the first trumpet is still in motion and continu­ing, and when the third trumpet begins to blow, that which was unleashed by the second trumpet continues its march on the pages of history.

Thus it is with each trumpet, so that by the time the last or seventh trumpet begins its blast, all the previous six trumpets are still sounding and will continue to sound until a mighty crescendo is reached in the climax of all things.

Therefore hear my word: that which is un­leashed by the successive trumpets continues until the end, and each successive trumpet overlaps the blowing of the pre­vious trumpet or trumpets.

Now look to me, says the Lord, and I will reveal to you that which is about to take place on the earth at the blowing of the seventh trumpet. For when this comes to pass, it will cause the final veil to be removed and all men shall see clearly that which has been a mystery up to that moment in human history.

But I say, how can you fully understand that which is unveiled under the seventh trumpet unless you are given an insight into the events which lead up to it which have their inception under the six preceding trumpets. Therefore, hear my Word as I reveal to you the sounding of the trumpets in this end-time.

Was not the trumpet used in ancient times to sound a warning?

Was it not also used to call my people together that they might receive my instructions and be ready to move on in that which I would show them? (Num. 10:1-9). Even so is it now in the fulfillment of this pattern.

The trumpets have been sounding in this end-time, bringing to pass cer­tain events on the world scene, to signal the warning that the judgment of all things is at hand and the wind-up of this age is rapidly drawing near. Coupled with the unfolding of these events is the fact that I have been moving by my Spirit in a special way to call my people together that they might be readied for the grand climax of all things.

I have been showing to my people that which I desire for this end-time in a BODY which shall go forth in power to reap a great har­vest to me; a BODY which shall be anointed even as Jesus was anointed in His day to do mighty works. And as this BODY fulfills its mission, so will it be made ready to cross over into the promised land to receive the fullness of that which has been prepared for those who are called and chosen and faithful. (Rev. 17:14).

[the first trumpet]

But first hear my word concerning the trumpets. You shall turn to the book of Revelation (chapters 8 & 9) and let me speak to you concerning that which transpires under the first six trumpets. You shall notice, says the Lord, that the first angel sounds following the casting of fire on the earth (8:5-7). Now what does this mean?

It means that man discovered the secret of the atom and its mighty fire-power under the blowing of the first trumpet. For it was both during and after the world conflict which saw the first explosion of an atomic bomb, that the events unleashed under the first trumpet began to unfold. Now listen, says the Lord. You shall notice that a third part of the trees were burned up under the blowing of this trumpet (8:7).

Again let it be said that the blowing of a trumpet unleashes certain forces and brings to pass certain episodes which continue to the end. The fact that succeeding trumpets blow after the events of the first trumpet begin, does not mean that the first trumpet is through blowing.

Each trumpet continues to sound to the end. Therefore that which is unleashed under the first trumpet is the power of the atom’s destruction, which shall eventually destroy one-third of the population of the earth and devastate completely one-third of the nations on the face of the earth. And because it is recorded that fire and hail are mixed with blood (8:7), it indicates that the fiery blasts of man shall be mixed with the blast of the breath of Almighty God as much water is vaporized by the intense heat which is created by the atom’s explosion and congealed in the frosty heights above. Then as it is congealed, it will des­cend in the form of hailstones which will be mixed with the fire of the exploding atoms and the blood of multitudes who will be slain.

In that it says that all of the green grass was burned up (8:7), it indicates that all the inhabitants of the earth will be affected mightily by the devastation of the atom’s fury. All shall be scorched or burned in one way or another – all except those who are protected by their God.

Those who are under the covenant seal of their God do not come under the symbolism of the green grass which is a type of all car­nal flesh. (Isa. 40:6-7).

The fact that one-third of the pop­ulation will die because of the atom’s explosion, does not mean that only one-third of the earth’s inhabitants will be destroyed. For there will be many other types of destruc­tion which will take a heavy toll of life.

Holy Spirit through J Leland Earls between 1965 and 1991

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