2nd trumpet

Holy Spirit through J Leland Earls between 1965 and 1991

[the second trumpet]


Many false prophets and false teachers have misled many people through their own interpretations of the Trumpets of the book of Revelation. It’s time to let the Holy Spirit speak.

Read now of that which takes place under the second trumpet and I will show you what it portrays. Is it not written that a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea? (8:8). What does this mountain represent?

A mountain in the scripture is a type of a nation or kingdom (Isa. 2:2-3).

Thus a great mountain would be a great or leading nation in the earth. Where do you find in the earth a nation which is great enough to fulfill this description?

Think not that greatness is to be equated with size or land mass; neither with numbers of people. There is only one nation which can ade­quately fulfill the designation given and that is the United States of America.

Now why, says the Lord, will this na­tion, so great in its Christian tradition to be able to give direction and example to the entire world, be cast into the sea?

And how will this take place? Is it not written that to whom much is given much is required? (Luke 12:48).

What nation on the earth has received more in material wealth than America?

What nation has been blessed with such an abundance that most other nations are paupers in comparison?

What other nation has been so blessed in scien­tific achievement and accomplishment in the undoing of the burdensome toil that man has known for millenniums of time?

What nation besides America has received as great an under­standing and enlightenment from the Word of God through many movings of the Spirit of God unto the blessings of un­told thousands?

But what has America done?

She has failed miserably in her stewardship. Therefore she shall be judged severely. And what shall this judgment be?

It shall be that which shall arise from within her own borders. Think not that America will escape destruction from without; for many bombs and missiles shall fall upon this land. But the primary judgment upon America will be the turmoil and unrest that will arise from within, plunging that nation into a ‘sea’ of confusion and strife.

For the ‘sea’ is a type of masses of peo­ple in agitation and revolution. Already there are signs of this turmoil and unrest evident in many places and segments of society, for I say to you that the trumpet of judgment has already been blown, and the inevitable falling of this great nation into a sea of revolution is now in its initial stages.

Does it not also say that as a result of the mountain’s fall a third part of the sea became blood, and a third part of the creatures in the sea died, and a third part of the ships were destroyed? (8:8-9). Hear now my word.

The sea is a type of peoples, and ships are a type of local governments which are in the midst of the sea of peoples. Even so does this portray the fact that one-third of the people in this na­tion shall be embroiled in such serious conflict that they will become a menace to the very life of the nation, and the governing bodies represented by the ships will be so com­pletely overwhelmed that law and order will be completely disrupted in many states and areas, causing a chaotic condition unprecedented in the history of the nation. Violence shall erupt in many places as strife and unrest increases among the masses of the peoples.

One out of every three persons shall be involved in one way or another in such violent dis­ruption that the very existence of the nation will be threat­ened. Then shall come the necessity of clamping an all-powerful dictatorship upon the inhabitants of this land with absolute controls in every facet of life. This will continue as the nation is involved, not only in unprecedented civil strife, but also in increasing peril from without.

Only a great awakening and spiritual revival among certain seg­ments of the nation will keep the nation from being com­pletely inundated by the waters of internal turmoil. For truly a once great nation shall fall into the ‘sea’ of conflict which will mean the end of an era, says the Lord.

You will note that it is a great mountain ‘burning with fire’ that is cast into the sea (8:8). The fire is a type of the inflamed passions with which the people will become engulf­ed, and the burning desires which will become an obsession to multitudes. It will be these insatiable and unrequited ‘burnings’ of lust, greed, avarice, jealousy and hatred which will pit class against class, race against race, employee against employer, people against government and people against religion, and people in general against one another in one mad orgy of lawlessness and violence.

This will be the direct result of the moral and spiritual decay which has been eating away at the vitals of the nation for many years. The ‘flames’ will be continually fanned by subversive ele­ments which have become entrenched in the nation in almost every segment of society.

You will also notice, says the Lord, that the third part of the ‘creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died.’ (8:9). The ‘sea’ is not only a type of masses of people in turmoil; but water, whether in the sea or otherwise, is a type of the human soul with its emotions and desires. Even as water is unstable, so is the human soul unstable when uncontrolled by reason and righteous judgment (see Gen. 49:4).

The creatures in the sea are a type of the entire gamut of emotions and desires which ‘swim’ in the human soul. Usually an emotion or desire does not have ‘life’ unless it is stimu­lated or stirred up in one way or another. When ‘made alive’ such emotions and desires have great power unto either evil or good. The picture before us is one of base emotions and desires being stirred up or ‘made alive’ unto evil and destruc­tion.

Thus they are potential ‘killer’ of the peace and well being of others. This is the meaning of the statement that the third part of the creatures which had life, or which were made alive, died. The only way an emotion or desire which is stimulated unto life can die, from a carnal perspective, is to give vent to it until its strength is spent and it abates into silence.

Thus it will be unto a once great nation which has lost its moorings, and to a people who are no longer an­chored to the faith of their fathers.

Holy Spirit through J Leland Earls between 1965 and 1991

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