3rd trumpet

Many false prophets and false teachers have misled many people through their own interpretations of the Trumpets of the book of Revelation. It’s time to let the Holy Spirit speak.

This was prophesied between 1965 and 1991 by the Holy Spirit through J Leland Earls and it’s now in full play on the world scene.

[the third trumpet]


Now you shall consider the third trumpet, says the Lord. Is it not written that a great star fell from heaven onto the rivers and fountains of waters? (8:10).

What is this star, says the Lord?

You shall notice that the star falls on that which feeds the greater bodies of water: the rivers and foun­tains, or springs, of water. Since waters are a type of peo­ples, it shows that the very leaders and fountain-heads of society are affected by this star which is called wormwood. This star, burning as a lamp, is none other than the Commu­nist scourge.

Its ‘lamp’ is none other than the false idealism which masquerades as true light, but is indeed a deception and counterfeit. And because of this deceptive idealism it is almost always the educated classes, the leaders of society, who first fall under its influence and succumb to its propa­ganda. This is why the star is seen as falling on the springs or fountains and upon the rivers which eventually reach the larger bodies of water.

The masses of people are reached with the deceptive philosophy of communism only because the educated classes first embrace it in its propaganda phases. Once communist indoctrinated leaders gain control in a na­tion or among a people, the idealism, which was so prominent in their thinking in their initial contact with communism, begins to fade; and the latent lust for power, subtly em­bedded in every unregenerated person, begins to raise its ugly head.

Especially is this true among those who are taught, as the communists are, that there is no God. Without God, expediency and often unrestrained license replace truth and moral values. The result is tyranny and ruthless suppression of freedom. Then it is that the ‘wormwood’ phase of the star is seen. Wormwood is a bitter plant that grows in the desert.

The waters which became bitter represent the inevitable aftermath of a communist takeover. (8:11). That which was presented as the ultimate in idealism and emancipation for the people becomes instead a bitter experience, as that which was promised does not materialize and the lot of the people becomes even more desperate than ever. It truly is bitterness in the waters, or souls, of men.

In that a third of the waters became wormwood, it indicates that a third of the population of the world will come fully under the communist scourge through the take­over of governments by leaders who are completely sold out to the communist conspiracy. Most other nations will be affected by communism in its propaganda and revolutionary phases, but not completely taken over. Yet because of fear, almost all nations will seek an accommodation with commu­nism in one way or another.

And because of tremendous in­ternal pressures, most nations will submit to coalition gov­ernments, with communists playing an instrumental role in the life of the nations; thus creating instability and continuous strife.

The ‘strife’ phase is seen in the statement that many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter (8:11). Many men shall resist the communist takeover of their nations and die in their efforts. Since the ‘great star’ is seen falling from heaven, it symbolizes the fact that com­munism is of supernatural origin. It emanates from the invis­ible realms of Satanic dominion; the spiritual wickedness in heavenly places (Ephes. 6:12). It is the result of Satanic influence and deception.

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