4th trumpet

[the fourth trumpet]

Many false prophets and false teachers have misled many people through their own interpretations of the Trumpets of the book of Revelation. It’s time to let the Holy Spirit speak.

Look now, says the Lord, at the unveiling of the fourth trumpet. Is it not written that a third part of the sun, and a third part of the moon, and a third part of the stars were smitten? (8:12).

And does it not say that a third part of each was darkened because of this?

And does this not in­dicate that which will affect a certain segment of nations?

You have already seen, says the Lord, that which will affect all the inhabitants of the earth under the first trumpet, with the unleashing of atomic destruction; you have seen the sec­ond trumpet and its fulfillment in the United States of Amer­ica; you have seen a third of the earth’s inhabitants coming under the complete power of communism under the third trum­pet; now consider that there is another portion of the human race which will be affected by the blowing of the fourth trumpet.

What is it, says the Lord?

You shall look and behold that which shall take place on the continent of Europe in the days that are ahead.

For truly, the fourth angel has already sounded the initial blast and the stage is being set for its complete fulfillment. It shall be exceedingly dark as the forces unleashed by the fourth trumpet take their toll. Does it not say that the sun was smitten?

The sun is a sym­bol of Christianity, and in that a third part of the sun is smitten, it indicates that the portion of the Christian world which has its stronghold in Europe shall be darkened as rev­olutionary forces rise up within the nations of Europe to des­troy the traditional forms of Christianity which have long been entrenched in the life of the people. This will include both Catholic and Protestant bodies.

For none shall escape as the forces of darkness rise up to put out the light of the sun, and also strike at the moon and the stars. What does this mean, says the Lord? It means that the moon and the stars will be darkened even as the sun is darkened.

For the moon, which reflects the light of the sun, is a type of the state, which reflects or gives support to the church; and the stars are a type of the leaders in both church and state who will feel the impact of the forces of darkness rising up against them.

Thus the church-state combination, which has been entrenched in Europe for centuries, will be completely dis­rupted. The sun, moon, and stars will be darkened to the extent that the church-state relationships which exist in both Catholic and Protestant groups will no longer be tolerated. For violent forces will arise within the nations of Europe to completely overthrow the existing order of things.

The stars: those high in political and religious offices who benefit from the church—state relationship, who long have had favored positions in the existing system of things, will be suddenly cast out of their privileged sanctums,

Does it not say that the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise? (8:12). Now what does this mean? It means that for four years there shall be extreme strife in Europe. For a third part of a day of 12 hours is 4 hours; and I appoint an hour for a year.

And in that it speaks of both the day and the night, I do double the witness of that which shall be. For the double into the night as well as the day indicates the extremity of that which shall come on the nations of Europe as both church and state—sun and moon—are violently disrupted by the darkening effects of that which is coming.

Therefore consider what I say, for even now are the forces arising which will bring these things to pass.

This was prophesied between 1965 and 1991 by the Holy Spirit through J Leland Earls and it’s now in full play on the world scene.

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