6th trumpet

Many false prophets and false teachers have misled many people through their own interpretations of the Trumpets of the book of Revelation. It’s time to let the Holy Spirit speak.

[the sixth trumpet]

Now look with me, says the Lord, at the sixth trumpet as recorded in the scriptures.

The sixth and seventh trumpets are the only ones which have as yet not begun to blow. (Note by J. L. E.: This was true as of March 29, 1967 when this prophecy was received). But the time is short; for soon shall that which is described as taking place under the sixth trumpet begin to unfold. What is it, says the Lord? The sixth angel, which had the sixth trumpet, was instructed to loose the four angels bound in the great river Euphrates (9:14). Who are these four angels?

They are the princes who are the unseen rulers of four nations in the general area of the Euphrates River. These nations were bound together by treaty in what is known as the ‘Bagdad Pact.’ This treaty was formed in an attempt to create a buffer against the en­croachments of communism.

But shortly shall that buffer be dissolved or loosed so that the nations in question will no longer seek to contain or hold back communist subversion and advance. They will instead eventually become a part of the communist combine.

One or more will actually be a part of the ‘horns’ of the beast. Thus the Influence of the Christian west, which was instrumental in causing those na­tions to be bound together in an anti-communist pact, will be destroyed in that area.

This is the meaning of the state­ment that the four angels were loosed for to slay the third part of men (9:15). The ‘slaying’ here is not literal but sym­bolic; it indicates the complete elimination of the power of the two western Christian nations to keep the pact intact; the two being one third of the nations involved.

After the four angels are loosed there is a period of ‘an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year’ (9:15) before the third part of men are slain. It will take this amount of time after the breaking up of the pact for western influence to be destroyed and the nations to be absorbed into the communist camp.

[Ed. Note – The Baghdad Pact was also known as CENTO (Central Treaty Organization) formed in the 1950’s similarly to NATO and SEATO. The four angels do not refer to all the nations in the alliance; only to the four Middle Eastern nations joined in it (Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey). Great Britain was the fifth nation of the pact with the U.S. operating as an auxilliary support, thus involving a total of 6 nations.

The break up of CENTO and the controlling influence of the U.S. and Great Britain prophesied here was amazingly fulfilled in 1979 through the Iranian revolution, more than a decade after the prophecy. The plotting of the exact 396 day time period in Rev. 9:15 is unclear, though it closely approximates the 444 days of the U.S hostage standoff during the Iranian revolution producing the humiliating removal of the United States from the region. As of the time of this editorial note (2009), the Communist aspect of the prophecy yet remains to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, the hotbed of war that the region from Turkey to Pakistan has become since 1979–including the Iran-Iraq War and the two Gulf Wars (conspicuously led by none other than the U.S. and Great Britain) demonstrates the continued “loosing” effect of this ongoing trumpet in fulfillment of this word!

By the time Communism re-emerges, these nations will be so weakened from war and revolution that it will be impossible for them to resist becoming absorbed into the Communist orbit.]

Following this is a description of the army which is also prepared to be loosed to great destruction (9:16-19). This is that army which shall overflow, as the river Euphrates is wont to overflow. The number given is symbolic of the en­tire force of the communist empire in its quest to overrun the western influence in the Middle East and bring the entire area, including Palestine, under the banner of the hammer and sickle.

Having gained the dominion of this area, the mighty hosts of the communist world will be emboldened to press further into other areas, and other nations will be over­run by these hordes which symbolically spill over the banks of the Euphrates River. In the vision, John saw the army as horses with riders, and the horses had heads of lions (9:17).

This indicates first the power of propaganda and lies which shall be instrumental in overcoming the nations of the Middle East. Out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brim­stone (9:17).

That which begins as lying propaganda and destroys the Christian Influence in the Middle East, will be followed by action in which armies will march forth to destroy.

This is the fire and smoke and brimstone; symbolic of modern machines of warfare and their destructive fire-power. And as their power is in their mouth and in their tails, even as serpents (9:19), so does it indicate both their determina­tion and their power to poison by propaganda and then to kill to death those who stand in the way of their plan to exterminate the influence of Christianity from the face of the earth.

Even the breastplates of the riders are seen as fire and jacinth and brimstone (9:17), indicating the deter­mination and destructive intent of those who are ready to plunge the world into chaos to gain their diabolical ends. But even after much destruction has been wrought in the earth by these forces, what is the result? Is it not written that the people repented not of the works of their hands: their idolatries and their wicked ways? (9:20-21).

I say unto you that judgments alone will not turn the hearts of people to their God, but judgments coupled with a mighty moving of my Spirit will turn many to righteousness, and a great har­vest will be brought forth to me.

That which you have seen in the blowing of the six trumpets is indeed a dark picture, for these trumpets deal primarily with the outer conditions of the world, a world that has turned its back on God; therefore judgment is com­ing, But there is another picture, says the Lord. Is it not written that the Lord shall arise and shine on His people and that great glory shall be seen on them? (Isa. 60:1-2).

This shall be in the midst of gross darkness, but the light of the glory of the Lord in His people shall be far greater than the darkness. Think not that there is darkness coming wherein no man can work. The darkness wherein no man could work effectively has already passed; now a NEW DAY is dawning.

Therefore during the dark days that are ahead there shall be EXCEEDING GREAT LIGHT to those who are willing to believe and receive of the grace and glory of their God.

The greatest work of harvesting into the Kingdom that the world has ever seen will be done even in the midst of the world’s darkest hour.

Think not that Pentecost is past!

There is yet to be an outpouring of the Holy Spirit far beyond any­thing the world has seen! It takes the ‘latter rain’ to bring the growing grain to maturity so that it can be harvested.


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