A great reality

___________ Hold fast that which is true and eternal, for all else is sinking sand. People have itchy ears to listen to, and be fascinated by new, exciting, seductive things. They give up the eternal things of infinite value in exchange for trinkets and baubles that sparkle and flash with iridescent, fluorescent and psychodelic colours.

Lucifer tempted Eve with things that sounded and looked good, exciting and reasonable. It’s the same today. But counterfeit shining baubles and trinkets only have value in people’s minds because they look as if they have value and beauty.


The Con Men and Women are geniuses at appearing sincere and compassionate. Control over others is an aphrodisiac to such people. They have no functioning conscience and can lie and deceive without a normal human prick of the conscience. See the tiny book of Jude who describes such people. Mankind has fallen for a false gospel and counterfeit salvation.

This false salvation that people fall for is seemingly good, easy, edifying and life enhancing. Many people do not want to obey, be righteous and holy as I AM HOLY.

They want it to be easy on the flesh, exciting, interesting, fascinating, stimulating and entertaining. It is a salvation that is reasonable and appealing to man’s mind and emotions, and gives a sense of power, self-aggrandisement and achievement. So many want to be their own gods and not have to submit their will to Me.

They like Me to be around and be useful to them – like Santa Claus or a Genie – who they can control – a beneficent, benevolent, naive old man in the sky who they can manipulate – who gives free salvation and a heavenly passport – at no cost to themselves.

They want Me to pay for them to lead the good life and not to pay any cost themselves. People want Me to be their benevolent banker and provider – who asks no inconvenient questions.

Being their own god, having Me on tap to supply all their needs, is a good deal. But it is a deception.


It excludes submission to Me and obedience to My commands (which are meant for your blessing and safety). I died for you so that you could be redeemed from Satan’s grip of punishment and death. I died to save you from yourself -your own fallen self-focus.

It is your mind, will and emotions agreeing with the enemy’s deceptions that gets you into his territory and grip. He loves to convince you that it is your right to have your needs and desires met – and will show you ways to meet them independent of Me.

But he can only recycle what I have made – he cannot create. The New Agers have fallen for the same lie that Eve fell for and that Nimrod and Semiramis propagated and sold to mankind after the Flood.

Both Satan and Nimrod lied and deliberately deceived to get control and positions of power over mankind. They were usurping My place to be Shepherd-King of mankind. I gave man ground rules to keep them free from Satan and his fallen angels because I knew their evil intent. But they chose to disregard what I said and chose to believe the lies because they sounded good, looked good, and felt good.

BUT like bait on a fishing line, it carried hidden deadly hooks that took away man’s freedom. What Satan wants is to capture the will and submission of mankind. He wants to act as a god, but instead of being a Shepherd-King caring for the sheep, he want to rule over you and enslave you.

To get you to surrender your will and the wonderful inheritance as a child of heaven, Lucifer has to deceive you as to the purpose of his offer. He offers to set you free from My precepts so that you can be your own god.


The seduction is powerful and meant to deceive by looking very attractive, sounding like a good offer, which feels good, up-lifting and liberating. It seems reasonable, feeds your self-esteem and makes you think Lucifer cares for you. In fact he is jealous of you and wants your spirit and soul to feed off.

He wants to steal and corrupt your DNA because he hates it as it reminds him of Me and what he has lost. He wants to harm and hurt mankind as a way of hurting Me and he wants to gloat over his captured prey. He delights in conquest and torment. This age-old lie and strategy is being revved up right now to deceive mankind into accepting the New Age Messiah.

“New Age” is a PR (public relations) term designed to repackage and market the age-old lie going back to Eden. Adam and Eve had all that was necessary for life and happiness to be rulers of their domain as sons and daughters of the Most High King of the Universe. They had all that was beautiful and needful, plus abundance to fulfil every desire as a free gift. But Lucifer wanted to rule over them and steal their inheritance and domain – to take their title deeds and authority.

Lucifer had to get them to hand these over to his control -which they did by ignoring My instruction, (which was for their protection) and believing Lucifer’s lie. Lucifer looked like a beautiful angel of light, seemingly wise, benevolent and having their best interests at heart. BUT IT WAS ALL A LIE FOR THE PURPOSE OF DECEIVING IN ORDER TO ROB THEM. Lucifer was the original PR expert and advertising agent.

Edward Bernays learned these tricks and strategies well and taught governments (including the Nazis), bankers and corporations how to deliberately deceive and con in order to rob the masses of their inheritance and birthrights.

They now use public relations, advertising, spin doctoring, Hollywood, Bollywood, mass media and election campaigns to deceive on a grand scale. They make fabrications look real, lies sound true, robbing you while claiming to offer you something extremely desirable. ”

It looks good and “cool”.

” It feels good and exciting. ”

It sounds like a fantastic offer. ”

It is made to sound humanitarian and caring.


The sovereignty of your country. ” Your family. ” Your job. ” Your inheritance. ” Your freedom. All this while deceitfully offering you equality, fraternity, and liberty – a Socialist/Marxist egalitarian, utopian world with a One World Government, Army and Bank, with the promise of no more war.

LUCIFER’S OFFER – FUN, FREEDOM AND GODHOOD: ” Freedom form YHVH’s commandments. ” To remove the laws that spoil your fun and restrict your freedom to do whatever you want to do. ” You will be as gods.


BUT it will bring chaos, violence, war, division, brother against brother, tyranny, totalitarian world government, with ever-present surveillance, which leads to total slavery. (Depicted in the movies The Matrix and 1984)


Believing the seemingly beautiful and wise serpent cost Adam and Eve their Garden. They fell and lost their garment of light, and access to the Throne and Tree of Life. They had to start life outside the Garden in a hostile environment.

Following Nimrod caused mankind to have their communications disrupted and they were scattered over the face of the earth. They were stopped from building their city and tower, and lost much of their advanced technology and civilization, having to start all over again. What will the latest attempt at building Babel cost mankind?

The new technology being used to reach the heavens and rule the earth as Nimrod tried to do involves: ” NASA and star wars and star gates. ” CERN and spirals, black holes and dimension breaking physics; supercomputers. ” WMD – atomic, frequency, EMP, RF, sound and star wars weapons.

This technology is being used to break through the dimensional barriers and boundaries to enable the ancient fallen ones to return to earth – to open the pit -to release demons, and the hell on earth, that the book of Revelation describes.

To stop the first Babel, “I came down and confounded their language and scattered them.” (Gen 11). To stop Hitler’s attempt to rule the world in a “Thousand year Reich,” cost the world the death of millions in war and holocaust.

What will it take to overturn Satan’s latest attempt to enthrone the Lawless One as World Ruler, anoint the New Age counterfeit messiah, and create utter desolation with star-wars weapons?


Enoch saw My return with the heavenly army of saints and angels. Revelation 19 describes My coming on My white horse with fire in My eyes and a sword in My mouth. I will unleash My heavenly “Star War” weapons to destroy the armies of the Beast who makes war against the Lamb, the Saints and Jerusalem.


You get to choose whose side you will be on NOW.

Scribe unknown

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