A word by Wendy Alec

“Cinderella, No One Can Stop Your Destiny – You Are Going to the Ball!”
By: Wendy Alec

The Father says: “I’m calling all My Cinderellas – My beautiful hearts.”

This is one of the most important seer encounters I’ve ever experienced. I was woken at 6am recently one morning, and I said to the Father, “Oh Abba, Daddy, I need to go to Your garden.” In my encounter, I was very small, like a toddler sitting in my Father’s lap—clinging to Him. Suddenly He said: “Cinderella, you are going to the ball!”

I said religiously, “Oh Father, Cinderella’s not in the Bible.” However, I could sense His joy about Cinderella and He said, “My beloved Son used to tell parables. This is My parable for My Cinderellas today. My Cinderellas are all of My sons and daughters who have felt isolated—who’s dreams have become faded memories. These are my beloved Cinderellas who have been living in ‘survival-mode’ for so long, living today in the wilderness, in seeming barrenness, using the last of their courage to survive the day—put hard to task by the enemy of their souls.”

Then, the Father said, “For so many of My children who have been through divorce and such adverse circumstances, it has been a long season of being Cinderella, under the cruel and ruthless hardship, driven by the cruel step-sisters. The enemy has, in the past season, reduced so many of My most precious children to walking in the rags of lost hope and deferred dreams that My Cinderellas can hardly believe that there IS a ball. Tell My sons, tell My daughters that this day, this very day, I am releasing from Heaven itself—the cry. Beloved Cinderella, precious child of My heart, you are about to be released from your long, hard servitude in the wilderness. For I am calling to you from Heaven, from My throne room. Cinderella, you are going to the ball.

Lay Down Your Broom! No One Can Stop Your Destiny!
“My Cinderellas have been watching others going to the ball for so long in this season, that many have completely given up that they would ever go to the ball themselves. But the fairytale carriage is there; it awaits them. I am about to exchange their rags and work clothes for the most incredible ball gown they have ever seen. I am escorting them with My angelic host out of this past season of isolation, of hardship, of aridness, of survival mode, and exchanging their rags for beauty.

“Lay down your broom, Cinderella, the enemy has been raging against you for too long. He has even been cruel and ruthless against you, even as the step-sisters were cruel against Cinderella, knowing and sensing the destiny upon her life. Lay down your broom which signifies the past season of hardship and survival, and look before you. For I have laid out your ball gown and your sparkling dancing shoes. Wash your face from the tears, for you are My Esther, My Deborah; My princess.”

In this encounter, I looked down at myself and I was dressed in rags. My hands were work-worn and I had on no makeup. I was living in “survival mode” for so long, just having enough courage for the day. The Father said, “Enough is enough. My princesses are going to the ball and nothing and no enemy can stop their destiny which is about to come forth.”
I watched and I saw that the Father’s Cinderellas had been so beaten down and were so weary that they had lost sight of their dreams that once lived in vibrant Technicolor — that they couldn’t even believe they would actually ever get to the ball.

You Are Going to the Ball

Then the Father said, “The carriage is waiting, your ball gown is laid out, the winds of change are blowing — your tide is about to turn. Discard your mourning, survival work clothes and put on your ball gown Wash the dust of the past season’s warfare off your feet and put on your dancing shoes.

“The step-sisters of hard toil, of intense and unrelenting warfare and “survival-mode” have been given an edict by My courts of justice: No more! My angelic host have been loosed to unfetter you from the enemy’s grasp. It is time to dream again. I am about to loose a tsunami of My goodness into your land of the living so that My Cinderellas’ faith may be rebuilt — goodness upon goodness, dream upon dream.

“No more isolation. No more pain. No more just surviving from day to day. No more barrenness. Exchange your worn-out rags for My ball gown, beloved. Take My hand in yours as I lead you to the carriage. For you are going to the ball! You are My most treasured possession, the apple of My eye—My beloved Cinderella. — Love, Your Abba Father.”

P.S. Beloveds, after the Father spoke this, I felt I had to make a faith action. So I took the only sort of party dress I have, hung it on my wardrobe, and placed my pair of silver, sparkly shoes underneath it. As you feel led to put this word into a faith action, I think Abba will be seeing a lot of party dresses and amazing shoes today!

— prophetic word given by Wendy Alec

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