Are you ready?

For my word must be fulfilled

Behold your King, who stands in Your Midst!”

Have I not told you to sanctify yourselves, for I am coming into your midst? Yet, how many have taken this to heart and have really heard My Command?

It is not a request, nor a suggestion, but it is mandatory that you cleanse yourselves before I come, as My Holiness will destroy you if you do not. Flesh cannot live before Me, without being sanctified and cleansed, and covered with My Glory.

Just as the articles were covered with Gold in the temple, so you will be covered with Me, when you are brought before Me, and so it will also be when I come into your midst, says the Lord. Many think that there is
time, before I come.

Yet they do not know the times nor the season that they are living in, nor do they perceive the Hour of their Visitation.

They do not recognize the manner in which I will come, nor can they, as
they do not know Me. But My people hear My Voice, and they know My Path,
and they follow Me, and they know Me.

What will you do when I fully come into your midst, and step into My rightful Place? Look well into your hearts and see the Truth, and then take care of what is necessary.

For the Time of Visitation has come, and I will demonstrate My Holiness before the nations, and every idol will fall before Me.

Take your places before Me. The stages are set, and the nations are in readiness, and the plans of men will be revealed. The Struggle has just
begun and will intensify, as the revealing unfolds before you.

Every heart and motive will be laid bare, and every decision will reap its fruit. Those for visitation, and those for destruction. The thrones are in place, and the rulers are stepping into their places to rule for their season. For My Word must be fulfilled.

My Throne is also in place, and it is rising in the midst of My House, and it also will be seen, and the Fiery Issue will flow from it to sanctify My Sanctuary and to Purify the Vessels of Service.

Get ready!

Get ready, My vessels, for My Fiery Issue comes forth! What will you do?

Who will stand in the Hour of Visitation?

My Word will stand and you will see it come to pass! For the Release has
begun, and the Issue has come from My throne. Now will come the Fire of
Justice as it flows down to My Own.

Behold your King, who stands in Your Midst!

Prophetess Susan O’marra

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