Beacon of hope

God showed me the vision that I illustrated in the picture. We are His habitation purified by the Spirit of burning until we reflect the image and likeness and glory of Christ.

Yeshua declared to me that He will establish His bridal temple of living stones as a beacon of hope for the nations to run to during the time of a great shaking that shall cause a great AWAKENING.

It’s about souls !

We are about to see and experience the holiness of God displayed in the lives of those who have followed Him through the fires of purification.

They shall be known as the shining ones.

You are going to see the fullness of the Deity explode in and through a consecrated set apart holy sold-out to God remnant unlike anything ever experienced by any previous generation since the fall of Adam.

God is about to step unto the international stage and platform through the vessel of His restored Adam and no flesh will glory in the PRESENCE of God as nations are redeemed through the celebration of the final harvest and every false foundation is exposed and shaken through a end-time Kingdom glory explosion of DIVINE ORIGIN.


By Pieter Kirstein

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