Discern the true from the phony

Word for the Remnant Bride

“There will be those that stand in the light, that will appropriate wrong things, but it will not be so with the true church when I get through. For MY GLORY will increase & expose EVERYTHING. HOLINESS will be paramount. You will not want to sin, nor will your thoughts be muffled by demonic voices anymore. There will come a continuous flow of revelation that will stun those around you. Wisdom increasing, words of wisdom & understanding of things long not understood.

You don’t fit the mold because you are not meant to. You are set apart for ME. I TAKE PLEASURE IN YOUR COMPANY, as you do MINE. I WILL increase Your love for ME. That has been the cry of your heart, & I will fulfill it! I am still coming on the wind of CHANGES. But then will come THE KINGDOM. No one will be able to withstand the KINGDOM WIND. Thy Kingdom COME they pray, but most don’t know the POWER of MY KINGDOM in the fullest measure. I have had mercy on AMERICA. I will have more mercy on AMERICA because there are many here who are sincere in their prayers, & whose hearts are affectionate towards ME. More so than any other nation in the world. I will judge, but I will only allow so much to bring down the complacency & false religious influences, & witchcraft. This nation will take on a new identity in days ahead. I will not fully crush her, though she will be subdued. I will just do some equalizing as her pride is brought low.

There will be hits, & judgments that crush the pride, but there will be a NEW GLORY out of the “old glory” that will be more pure in nature & the freemasonry strongholds will crumble. There will be all you need to get free from debt, & to do the work of MY KINGDOM. Salvation is coming to many souls across the earth. NEW LIFE will come to America, out of the old & though poorer, it will be richer in ME. There will be kindness. I will loose MY KINGDOM, & hearts will be softened & changed.

The false church will continue to function but there will be such death in its halls, & NO LIFE to sustain it for long. Some will give themselves over to the beast & betray brothers & sisters. But many will be saved through the revival & harvest of awakening. NEW WINE will flow & those rejecting it will be swallowed up by the darkness.

These will FALL away & persecution that comes on revival’s back will take out any who were insincere, & they will also fall away. But so many will continue in hiding & persevere, pressing in to MY GLORY. The dragon is not enraged with “some healings” but he will be enraged as deliverance begins to strengthen To subdue his kingdom. As politicians & people in new-age that he has held captive turn then he will surely be enraged & use his puppets to bring his wrath down on My bride. Then you will see martyrdom in AMERICA as never before.”

Apr 22, 2008
Priscilla Van Sutphin

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