Grow gracefully

If you are still impatient with the Lord’s perfect timing then you are not mature enough to be released yet.

God said to me that your faith has been perfected when you are at peace in the midst of seeming impossibilities and you gain the crown of patience when you can reign over time by My Spirit.

Be at peace and allow PATIENCE to develop within you to bring you into Spiritual perfection and maturity or else you’ll stay disfigured and disfunctional as one that needs to grow into the image and likeness of Jesus.

Ecc 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Rest in the love of God.

God’s love for you does not grow because love is who and what God is.

It’s His nature to love as it’s sugar’s nature to be sweet. Doesn’t matter how bitter life gets at times sugar will always be sweet and God will always be love. His love is the same YESTERDAY, TODAY and FOREVER, even when people reject His love. The same principle must be understood during your journey of spiritual development and growth into a strong mature child of the Father.

It’s the same as in the natural. We first are born as weak babies then we grow up and develop until we become stronger children then later we progress into mature manifested sons and daughters of God who walks in the power of His Spirit in a natural way.

We all make many mistakes during this journey of growth but the key is never to give up because God’s love is always the same and He understands that a child can only be to where they have developed and grown.

The Father is patient with us and we need to be patient with ourselves because we are not in a competition with other believers. We are all on different stages of our spiritual journey.

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