Father had me declare not too long ago that His glory realm is opening up, then this morning.

The vision God showed me this morning is obviously humanly impossible to correctly illustrate, but I tried as best I could.

I found myself in this black and white colored realm in which everything was dull and colorless.

Then suddenly right in front of me this supernatural and most glorious realm opened up righ in front of me and Jesus appeared on a majestic throne with this golden wheat on either side of His throne radiating the glory of God.

I knew He declared to us “Now I come and I bring forth with Me your golden harvest of righteousness and great reward 😉 in the midst of your difficult, colorless and dry circumstances.”

We are coming forth out of the wilderness season of being entirely stripped by God, the pressures of being refined and afflicted by the fires 🔥 of our seasonal trials and the long painful journey of allowing ourselves to be fully crucified to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of this life.

Also the Spirit of God has been faithfully with us through a long, excruciating and painful season of birthing the destiny of an entire generation. This long travail and transition out of the old dead ways of a dark fallen world shall suddenly bring those who have yielded themselves entirely to Him on the road of the cross into His world into a majestic manifestation of God’s PRESENCE, and POWER and GLORY.

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