His all-sufficient grace

His all-sufficient grace.

The Holy Spirit said the following to me about being saved by the grace of God.

Self righteousness is what i am trying to do to make me right before God.

Grace is His victory and righteousness imparted to me. It is what He has done to make me right. Impartation of His righteousness into my life is the transformation work done by the Holy Spirit to make me more and more like Jesus from glory to glory.

I only need to come to Him in surrender, adoration and worship. Adoration + Surrender = obedience.

Grace through sanctification is His victory and righteousness worked out in our lives. Jesus overcame what i never could and in love gave His victory to me. Now as I walk with God this victory will progressively manifest in every area of my life until I am completely set free.

There is nothing about your own works that makes you righteous before God because if that is the case, the focus would be on you and the glory would go to you. It is only what God has wrought in you by His grace which enables you to do the right thing because He gets the glory for everything. Only God can accomplish your healing, deliverance, transformation and freedom.

You have no ability to do it your self so rest in the all sufficiency of His grace to raise you up and make you the person He created you to be.

Ask Him to draw you through His unconditional love into His presence. It is in His presence that everything happens.

He is faithful to complete the good work He started in you. After all He is the Potter and we are the clay. How dependent is the lump of clay on the hand of the Potter to turn it into a useful vessel? ‎

He will complete you. Nature testifies of His faithfulness. He makes all things beautiful in its time. ‎We are the butterflies in the garden of God. Each one is unique.

Pieter Kirstein

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