The earth 🌎 belongs to Him

Awesome word from a friend of mine

Sky Warrior.

😭 I was just spending time in prayer and praying in the spirit and all of a sudden these words came out and I said it over and over and over and His Love 💕 poured over me and He kept saying, Go Tell Them They Are MINE, Tell Them They Are MINE, Tell Them They are MINE! And I saw faces and faces of people and their eyes full of grief, confusion, utter despair and as I said those words out loud one by one the darkness left them and they were flooded with His Love and Light 💡

He said many of my people “believe” they are MINE but they do not KNOW they are MINE! Oh but they WILL Know me more than ever before! And many people who don’t believe they are MINE will be changed by my Glory and they too will KNOW they are mine!

For the harvest IS MINE!

It is ALL MINE! And I am coming to RESTORE what is MINE and what has and and always will be MINE! As the darkness begins to cover the face of the earth, My Glory will shine brighter and brighter for the dawn of my light has begun. Many are looking to and fro in confusion as to the fast approaching changes of the enemies plan unfolding. Each day there are new developments insighting more fear and disillusionment.

What shall we do?

We must take action! But yet they do not know that The Government of the Nations rests on MY SHOULDERS!

Not ANY president, not ANY man “elected” officials, nor any leader in the earth.

And I am coming to GOVERN the earth, I am coming to dispatch judgment! But it will not be in any way that eye has seen nor ear has heard!

For it will be through my manifest sons and daughters to reap MY Harvest! (Isaiah 13, Joel 2, Psalm 110, Zechariah 10, Isaiah 66 and Revelation 12-14)

This is the CULMINATION of time! The earth 🌍 belongs to me for my Father has given me the earth and all that is in it as MY INHERITANCE.

I will always have the Last Word!

I loved with you with everything within me on the cross and my Love for you each day is the same Love as the day I shed my blood 🩸 for you on My cross!

I will NEVER change!

I am your constant steadfast Rock 🪨 The ONLY Truth and The Deliverer!

Behold for My Glory is upon you!

We bow 🙇‍♀️ before you and give honor to The King 👑

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