The waterfall

I read the comment of my brother Chris about the confirmation that the Lord had given him concerning the word that I posted about the Gideon army.

He posted the following – Confirmation…. Pieter Kirstein…. This is awesome. Yesterday I had an encounter with the LORD. We where sitting on the top of a mountain besides a Fontaine.

I asked HIM if I can have some of this water and he said. Drink as much as you want. Suddenly I was in full armour. Sword drawn. I was on my knee and I cupped my hand to drink of this water. And that scripture of the 300 of Gedion came to mind. Then I found myself lying in the stream but this water came out of the LORD’S belly. I became totally transparent. As I looked at me in this water I could only see the water bug I was there.

Then he called me and said…. I will send you as my Shepard to my sheep. I’ve started to walk down this stream that became a river and there was also 2 waterfalls. This river became a lake and it ended in the sea. I was walking on the water with white clothes on. I saw many on this river, but the sad thing was there was those who left the river and they became pitch black and disappeared into darkness.

The people walked 2 by 2 on this river. I walked wright through them into the sea. There was people sitting on the beach some tried to walk on the water. I kept on walking and waving with my arm as I shouted to them. Come this is the way follow me. Here it ended.

As I read this the Spirit of the Lord gave me the vision which I tried to illustrate underneath. I saw how we are suppose to pour our entire lives out before the Lord through true worship.


I saw how Jesus stood on the one side of this valley pouring His life out of His belly which is the river of His Spirit.

Then I saw a man on the other side pouring his life out in total abandonment before God and these 2 SPIRITUAL RIVERS fell into a pool like 2 massive waterfalls of poured out love.

Then I saw how the Bridegroom danced on those waters in the waterfall within the valley with His bride. Through demonstrated love we are called into oneness with our GOD.

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