The wisdom of God’s love


Love came to serve us because in God’s infinite wisdom, He understands the true power, humility and beauty of His love.

Father said “I pulled you out of the core of My nature, which means, love birthed you. You were created to respond to love. Anything beyond that is not of Me.”

It’s what keeps people in bondage through their inner pain and brokenness which prevents them from responding to His love.

This is why He demonstrated His love towards man through the sacrifice of His innocent Son on the cross of Christ’s passion 🙏

On the cross He cried out “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do!”


Because man is blinded by his brokenness and sin.

For God so loved the world 🌎 that He gave His own Son to die for our sins so we might be reconciled back to LOVE – which God is.

He calls man back into that deep and special place out of which we have been created to function. It’s when we taste the sweetness of the love that created us that we learn to allow Him to conquer us through His love.

His love is the greatest gift to man and when our hearts have been healed and overtaken by His perfect love then it becomes our nature to operate in love 😍

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