When God goes silent

When God goes silent.

By Pieter Kirstein

The Lord spoke prophetically through my spirit to a brother in Christ who got involved in a wrong Jezebelic relationship.

I so experienced the PRECIOUS HEART OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST as He said to this friend of mine; “I am fighting for our relationship. I am fighting Jezebel for your intimacy with Me. I am contending for first place in your heart. She must go because she does not belong in your life. Through the desires of your flesh Jezebel is drawing you away from Me”

Then this brother complained that Jesus was quiet and is not speaking to him. Then I heard the Lord say to him ” I will not contend with Jezebel’s voice because I am a jealous God”

I believe that this is the greatest problem in the body of Christ.

The voice of our idols, the voice of our fleshly desires which causes us to become spiritual harlots that causes Jezebel to come lie in our bosom is what causes GOD TO BECOME SILENT.

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