Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

The very unattractive road of the cross is the road less travelled but indeed the only way to greatness in God’s Kingdom. An odd donkey was the means to ride the King into Jerusalem. Many will mourn their choices in eternity because God’s glory wasn’t packaged as their flesh expected and desired it to be.

Without God’s standard of righteousness, holiness and truth there can be no repentance. JESUS IS GOD’S STANDARD TO WHOM ALL OF US ARE CALLED TO CONFORM. We can never become complacent for we are always challenged to grow up in the Lord if we desire to overcome.

To be driven by a lust for attention to be seen and to receive accolades and praises and to be driven by a lust for things is a curse because you never find rest.

Success with God is not a fat bank account but godliness with contentment WHICH IS GREAT GAIN. Godliness means to become like Jesus and to find satisfaction in the simple things of life. THE WORD IS GENTLE AND MEEK AS A CHILD. I Timothy 6:3-11. A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of His possessions but in how close he walks with God.

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